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Traveling with CF

Travel is one of life's great adventures. There is so much to experience on this big blue planet: other cultures, history, incredible sights, and really amazing food! Exploring the world around us helps expand our awareness, get "outside of ourselves" and gives us compassion and understanding for others who may be different than us. Plus it's just fun!

Over the years, my husband and I have chosen to spend our few extra dollars on experiences and adventures rather than stuff. We have been very intentional about building memories for our family. But travel can be hard and challenging, it's not always "just fun". Things can and do go wrong. And when one has CF, there are extra challenges involved. But do we let this stop us? No! As long as we are in good enough health to do so, we intend to continue to have adventures both close to home and abroad. 

Here are some of my tips and stories about traveling with two kids with CF.  

2 Jul 2017    Pre-trip Planning Tips for our European Adventure