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      Parenting Children with Health Issues

Essential Tools, Tips, and Tactics for Raising Kids with Chronic Illness, Medical Conditions and Special Healthcare Needs By Foster W. Cline MD and Lisa C. Greene

You can purchase the book on amazon. 

If you'd like multiple copies for a support group, click here for a discount.  A full length DVD and a condensed version are availabe, too. There is also a free study guide for group discussion. 

Visit www.ParentingChildrenWithHealthIssues.com for more details. You will also find articles (including in Spanish), a free audio and an opportunity to ask questions when you need a little extra help with parenting challenges around medical issues.  

-Mom’s Choice Awards® Gold Recipient (2008 Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Safety)
-Indie Excellence Award Recipient (2007 Parenting and Family)
-Finalist ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year (2007 Parenting)
Dr. Cline, a well-known child psychiatrist, and Lisa Greene, the mother of two children with cystic fibrosis, have teamed up to provide parents and medical providers with a valuable resource. Whether a child struggles with weight problems, diabetes, cancer or any other health issue, parents will learn the essential parenting skills they need to help their child comply with medical requirements, cope well with health challenges, and live a hope-filled life. 
This book will teach parents and caregivers how to:
  • Encourage your child to love life despite health challenges.
  • Handle refusal to take medication and do medical treatments.
  • Skillfully respond to your child’s special emotional needs.
  • Avoid power struggles and other common parenting traps.
  • Promote responsibility for health care without nagging or lecturing.
  • Navigate sibling, family and couple relationship issues.
  • Enable your child to make good self-care decisions.
"A few books fall into the Great Work category. This is one of them. This book is a beacon of insight and guidance for parents in the most challenging of parenting circumstances. Having recommended Love and Logic® to many patients for the last decade, I am delighted to see this further growth and development of the basic Love and Logic® principles. It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend this book to my colleagues and all parents of children with chronic medical conditions."  - Frazier H. King, MD. Board Certified Family Practitioner 

No More No! 

How to Gain Your Child's Cooperation With Self-Care, Medication & Just About Everything Else By Lisa C. Greene
You can purchase this book on amazon.com (print and kindle version).

Does your child need to take medication? Are you worn out from fighting and arguing about it? We all know what happens when we say, “Here, take this pill!”
Whether your child is taking a one-time course of antibiotics for an ear infection or needs to take medications routinely, kids of all ages from toddlers to teens will be more willing to take their medication and do medical treatments when you use the tools in this book. The tools you discover will also help you to gain cooperation with just about anything else, too, including chores, self-care (like brushing teeth, bathing, getting dressed), homework, and more.
You are in good hands with Lisa C. Greene, a mom who knows what it’s like to raise a child who has health issues. Lisa is the mom of two with special healthcare needs as well as an author, speaker and family advocate. In addition to plenty of real-life experiences, Lisa has a master’s degree in Family Life Education and is the co-author with Foster W. Cline, MD of the award-winning book “Parenting Children with Health Issues”, based on the popular Love and Logic parenting approach. 
To learn more about Lisa and check out her other resources, visit www.parentingchildrenwithhealthissues.com. 

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