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Check out these articles about parenting, children and life! Many thanks to the contributors who are willing to share their thoughts and hearts with us.

  Promoting Your Teen’s Success in Life

As parents, we want to help our teens develop the skills to be successful in life. However, we can face stiff headwinds when a teen in unmotivated. Here are some tips to help you encourage and empower your teen.

  Responding to a Child's Poor Self-Image

Sometimes our kids say things that lead us to believe they might not feel good about themselves. As a parent, our natural response is to try and talk our child out of feeling that way. Reassurances such as "I think you did just fine" are not effective in building up our child's self image. So then what is? Read and find out....

  Effective Leadership and Parenting for Challenging Times

Dr. Foster Cline teaches us that parenting is really about leadership.  What kind of parent/ leader is most effective? And what kind of leader are you?

  Keeping Hope Alive During Tough Times

It's tough to stay positive and hopeful during tough times. But when we are a parent, it's important that we do.  We set the example for our children. They will learn how to handle their tough times from us.  Here are some tips to keep your chin up when life is challenging.
  Never Give Up!

Congress declared May 2008 "National Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month." This is one of my favorite articles because Liz Nash is so inspiring.  She teaches us that perseverance, hope and a positve attitude can make all the difference despite what "the statistics" say.  

  Communication Smoothers

What is the basis of 92% of family problems? Communication. Dr. Thomas gives us some good, concise guidelines to help us develop healthy communication skills for adults and children alike.  

  Panic or Anticipation: Are You Ready For Summer?

“I’m bored!” Sound familiar? With summertime quickly approaching, are you filled with panic or anticipation? What is the secret to a good summer? Dr. Foster Cline reveals the answer...  

  Parenting with Style: Why You Might Clash with Your Child

How is it that two kids in the same family can be as different as night and day? And how does a parent deal with these differences- especially when they become a source of constant friction? Dr. Caron Goode gives us some great ideas in this article on personality styles.  

  Finding Nemo, Finding a Hero

The Disney movie Finding Nemo can teach parents how to understand, motivate and inspire a child with a chronic illness or medical condition. 

  Are They Just Strong-willed Kids? Or Are They Really Leaders?

Let's admit it. We parents say we want our kids to be leaders and "just say no" to peer pressure but then we get upset when our kids say no to us!  Our kids learn how to be leaders out in the real world by first learning how to be a leader at home. Dr. Cline teaches us what a leader really is and how to encourage leadership skills in our children.


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