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Stress Management and CF: Keeping our Stress Under Control

There's no doubt that living with CF- whether a parent or a patient- causes stress. The presence of some stressors is uncontrollable. There's not much one can do when a secondary diagnosis is given, a hospitalization is required, or additional medical treatments added to an already packed schedule.

There are, however, things we can do in the face of uncontrollable stressors so that we can handle them better. And, there are also many things we can do to reduce the amount of stress in our lives around things that we can control. 

The first part of the "Serenity Prayer" says it best: "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference."

So let's jump in and learn how we can change the things we can to reduce the stress in our lives. With new knowledge, comes courage. You can do it! Lisa

 Stress Management: Building Your Resiliency

This FREE seven-part series on managing stress has been designed to allow you to listen to each part individually - allowing you time to complete the worksheet pages - or from start to finish in one setting. It’s your choice! The lessons will discuss the causes and symptoms of stress and how to take control of your stressors by making changes in your feelings, attitudes and behaviors. In lessons five, six and seven you will experience three relaxation exercises to help calm your mind and body. Hillsborough County Extension
Online Stress Management Workshop 

This course is offered by the Hillsborough County Extension Online Stress Management Workshop and presented by Diana Converse, M.S., Family Life Educator. ly Life Educator.  nted e 

                                                       CLICK HERE TO GO THE ONLINE WORKSHOP

Getting Our Homes Organized

There's no doubt that there is alot to keep up with when a family member has a chonic illness. Home management skills are critical. And with CF, we need to keep our homes clean. The problem is with all we are managing, who has time to clean and organize? And then the mess causes us stress. We can't find things. We feel overwhelmed, out of control, and even guilty. We get stressed and we get cranky.

Sound like you? Time to make a change! Unless you can afford a maid, ya gotta do something to take control of your time and space. Flylady makes it easier for us. Check out these links to my favorite Flylady Lessons on staying organized, clean and clutter free.  Visit www.Flylady.net.

How To Declutter

Declutter 15 Minutes a Day: 5 Great Tools to Make It Easy

Tips for Not Getting Sidetracked (one of Lisa's favorites)

Video: What's In a Shiny Sink? (I admit this cheesy video cracks me up. Are you getting that music?! :-) )

And of course, as a parenting educator, I have to mention: Get the Kids to Help! Here are some Flylady links to help you with this. Note: Some of the tips might not be approriate for kids with CF. Use your wise discretion...

FLYing while Pregnant

FLYing with Baby

FLYing With Preschoolers

FLYing With School Age Children

FLYing With Teenagers

FLYing With Homeschoolers

FLYing With Big Families

FLYing as a Single Parent 

Organization Tips and Tools for Medications and Medical Records

This section is under construction. Have any tips to share? Please email me. Thanks! Lisa 

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