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Research Articles > The Long-Term Affects of Parenting Styles on Children: A Review of the Research

I did this annotated bibliography for a college course I am taking. As I reviewed the research, I was struck with the sheer amount of research that shows the positive correlation of an authoritative parenting style and a child’s success in life including academic achievement, social skills, self-esteem, long-term mental health, physical well-being, and (in the event of pediatric chronic illness) medical adherence across all races, cultures and socio-economic classes. 

In addition, the research I reviewed shows that the parenting skills that "make up" an authoritative style can be taught. This is good news for parents, medical professionals, and our society. Parenting education is critically important especially in the presence of serious medical issues like cystic fibrosis.

“Improving the family environment has important health implications equivalent to the reduction of risk factors for chronic illness such as promoting exercise or a healthy diet. Offering early family intervention such as psychoeducational workshops is preventative, not just crisis management.” Alison M. Heru, MD  

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