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Research Articles > Parenting Styles, Regimen Adherence, and Glycemix Control in 4- to-10 year old Children with Diabetes

This research paper, done in 2001, concludes that an authoritative parenting style (which is what we call a "Consultant Parent") is associated with improved adherence in young children with diabetes. 

The paper can be viewed at: http://jpepsy.oxfordjournals.org/content/26/2/123.full.pdf+html 

Please note that there was another study done in 2009 by Diana Sherifall RN PhD et al which states that "parenting styles were not correlated with diabetes control and were weakly correlated with quality of life."

In the conclusions, the reseachers noted: "Most parents in the study reflected the authoritative or democratic parenting style. This lack of extremes in parenting styles may have influenced the finding of no correlations among parenting, diabetes control, and quality of life in children. Perhaps a different tool would have been more sensitive to differences in parenting styles."