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Holly is a mom of a child with CF and also a children's disability advocate.  She helps parents communicate with schools, doctors (when newly diagnosed), and obtain services through the state, fill out paperwork, etc.,  Here are her tips for completing 504 Plans: 
Tips for Completing a 504 Plan

IF your child is experiencing learning difficulties due to excessive absences
from illness, she does qualify for an IEP under "other health impairments". The
IEP will outline educational goals and outcomes, time line to reach said goals
and how to implement those goals.

If it is determined that your child's needs cannot be met in the general
education classroom, OR she will benefit from special education, THEN an IEP
will be written. The IEP is developed by Regular Education Teacher, Principal,
Special Ed teachers, and others that may have information about your child that
can help in the Process. The IEP team ALSO includes YOU and any other persons
you deem fit to give input about your child at the meeting. This can include
you, your husband, any medical staff that can be there, and other people who you
feel have pertinent information about your child. Its good to have back up.

The IEP will also describe your child's skills; strengths and weaknesses, and

As with everything else in the world, there is a process that is followed:

1~ Referral/Request for an Evaluation. You can do this. It should be in
2~ Evaluation~ Parental permission is required and must assess the child in the
areas of suspected disability. This does not mean CF, it means her educational
3~ Eligibility Meeting~Gives you the results of the evaluation
4~ Not found Eligible/Found Eligible~ You do have the right to dispute the
decision if you do not agree.
5~IEP and Placement Meeting
6~Parent Agreement/Parent Disagreement

ANY correspondence with the school needs to be in writing. Keeping a paper
trail helps keep disputes to a minimum. Even when speaking to someone on the
phone, make sure to write down the person’s name, title, date and time. Include
subject matter of conversation and any verbal agreements or disagreements.
After speaking, sit down and write out a letter after going over your notes: As
per our conversation on blank date/time, regarding blank, I have ...... or, I am
still waiting for confirmation of.... Keep all of your correspondence in a file
folder for quick reference, as well as all copies of letters from the school,
IEP paperwork, approvals/denials, your actions, etc.

School representatives and staff have a tendency to speak in technical language
that many people do not really understand. Do not hesitate to ask other IEP
team members to repeat themselves or offer additional explanation or to define
terms in everyday language.

Reasonable Accommodations for a Child with CF:
Transportation to and from school
Handicapped parking
CPT in school when necessary
Exemption from attendance policy
Tube feedings in school or feeding therapy
Age appropriate~ Child carries and takes own enzymes
Moved away from sick classmates
Allowed to eat snacks throughout the day if needed
Exemptions for bathroom privileges
Extra time to complete tests, homework assignments
Modifications of workload to accommodate health status, fatigue and absences
Preferential seating
Self regulation when in PE (heat tolerance, Physical Limitations, etc.
Homework sent home during absence
Home or hospital instruction after 3 days of absence
Second set of books at home
Participation in ALL extra curricular activities

NOT ALL children with CF require or will need some of these accommodations. We
all know too well that CF affects each child differently.

504 Plans~ usually if a child's health condition substantially limits his or her
learning, he/she may qualify under Section 504. You can get more information
about 504 and IEP online.

*Please note that this information is not meant to be legal advice and is just to help give ideas.


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