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About Teleclasses and Webclasses 

Love and Logic® classes are sometimes hard to find. Or perhaps the timing doesn't work for you. Or maybe you have little kids at home and aren't able to deal with the challenges of childcare. There's a solution!

Lisa Greene is offering private Love and Logic classes to families across the nation by harnessing today's technology. One of the amazing benefits of this opportunity is the ability to customize the program to your needs! Plus, you get to learn Love and Logic in the convenience of your own home.

As a parent coach, author and independent Love and Logic facilitator, Lisa will teach you Love and Logic and help you learn how to apply it to your specific situations.

Your kids won't always respond like the ones in the books and videos! That's where parent coaching comes in. So get your private Love and Logic tutor to help you have a calmer, happier home today.

For more information about private class offerings, contact Lisa Greene at 425-298-7197 or send an email.  Private teleclasses and webclasses are available for individuals and groups. 

Rates for individuals are similar to the parent coaching rates.

Rates for groups are similar to presentation rates.