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                       Love and Logic®  Classes Presented by Lisa 


Here are the Love and Logic®  classes that Lisa Greene offers. They can be done as one-time presentations or as weekly classes (live in the Seattle area or by teleclass nationally). 

Please contact Lisa at (425) 298-7197 or
click here to send an email for more information about scheduling a program for your organization. 

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                                 Parenting the Love and Logic Way

This six session, multi-media program combines video teachings, written exercises and small group interactions to create a fun, and life-changing, learning experience for parents who are ready to put an end to bickering, whining, and arguing and instead have a peaceful home with happy children.  With a laugh-and-learn approach, parents will giggle their way through teachings that:   

  • Are simple and easy to learn
  • Teach responsibility and character
  • Lower stress levels in the home
  • Have immediate and positive effects

Here are some of the practical things parents will learn how to handle: arguing, whining, complaining, begging, chores, homework, bullying, video/TV time, curfews, sibling bickering, and much, much more! 

All without nagging, yelling, spanking, lecturing, threatening, warning, reminding, ranting or raving.  
Yes, it is possible with a little Love and Logic! 


       Love and Logic Early Childhood Parenting Made Fun!

Start early! This five session Love and Logic®  program was designed for parents with children from birth to six years of age.  By starting early, you can increase the odds that, when the teenage years arrive, parenting will still be fun instead of frantic. 

Using video clips, small group interactions and written exercises, you will learn how to apply Love and Logic's parenting tools with your youngest children. This program consists of five sessions:
Session 1: Handling Misbehavior Without Breaking a Sweat
Session 2: Teaching Kids to Listen… the First Time
Session 3: Avoiding Power Struggles
Session 4: Limits Create Happier Parents, Kids and Families
Session 5: What to Do When Your Kids Leave You Speechless  
Create happy families and responsible kids by starting early!

                   Parenting Children with Health Issues      

As the co-author of Love and Logic's "Parenting Children with Health Issues," Lisa Greene presents to hospitals, parent groups, schools, churches, medical and mental health professionals and non-profit organizations aound the world. Here are some of Lisa's presentation topics:    

  • Winning with Cystic Fibrosis: Top Do's and Don'ts for Raising Healthier Kids
  • Keeping Hope Alive: The Essentials for Raising a Child with Special Needs
  • Parenting Children with Health Issues: Tools, Tips and Tactics for Raising Healthier, Happy Kids
  • Your Child is a Hero: Empowering Children to Be All They Can Be  
  • Start Early! The Transition to Independence Begins in the High-Chair  
Lisa's lively, entertaining and informative teachings are based on her own experiences with her two special needs kids and concepts from the award-winning Love and Logic book Parenting Children with Health Issues which she co-authored with Foster W. Cline MD.

               Summertime Survival Skills for Petrified Parents 

Mommm!! Susie hit me with the beach ball!” “I did not! He threw sand in my face…” Ahhh, the joyful sounds of summer vacation. Relax! Help is on the way with a little Love and Logic. 

Discover essential summertime survival skills such as: neutralizing arguing and complaining, turning your words from garbage into gold, getting help with chores, and the summertime biggie- handling sibling rivalry.
Love and Logic® has been helping parents and educators raise responsible, respectful kids worldwide for over 30 years. Suitable for parents of children of all ages.

              Parenting Essentials for Surviving School Daze  

Are reading, writing and arithmetic getting you down? Are you dreaming of kids who actually do their own homework- without you reminding them?

Discover essential Love and Logic® school time skills such as: neutralizing arguing, whining and complaining, avoiding homework battles, dealing with morning and bedtime challenges and more.
This class will teach parenting tools and techniques suitable for school-age children (including teens).

9 Essential Skills For The Love and Logic Classroom® 

Create the kind of classroom where teachers can teach and students can learn. This nine module educator training curriculum designed by Love and Logic®  will teach you how to:
  • Set limits with enforceable statements
  • Neutralize student arguing
  • Develop positive teacher/ student relationships
  • Handle challenging students and classroom behaviors
You'll look forward to getting fewer:
  • Student complaints about teachers
  • Parent complaints and office referrals
  • ... all without the support of central admin
This educator training program is designed to give you practical skills that can be used immediately! 

        Lisa C. Greene, MA CFLE  

Lisa is an author, certified parent coach, independent Love and Logic facilitator, and parent. She has been teaching parents, educators, and caregivers how to use Love and Logic’s simple yet powerful tools since 2002. She is an insightful and perceptive presenter with a blend of humor and high energy. 
Lisa has completed Love and Logic’s facilitator training program and attended many of their workshops and summer conferences. She is a graduate of the Academy for Coaching Parents (ACPI) as well as a Certified Positive Discipline Educator. Lisa also earned her Master's degree in Family Life Education at Concordia University, St. Paul in December, 2013.
Working professionally with Foster W. Cline, MD (co-founder of Love and Logic) since 2004 has helped Lisa to learn Love and Logic’s powerful philosophy and skills at a much deeper level. She brings these insights and ideas to her classes and parent coaching. 
Lisa has a depth of understanding and compassion for today’s parents as she and her husband raise two children with special healthcare needs in today’s complex, multi-faceted culture.  
Lisa's mission is to help today’s parents learn healthy, effective, and practical skills to deal with the everyday frustrations of parenting kids in our complex culture.  Lisa understands the pressure- she’s experiencing it herself! But with good parenting skills, life is much easier- and happier, too. 

Lisa especially has a heart for working with special needs parents. She knows first-hand how hard it can be and loves helping families learn the skills to lighten the load.  

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