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                                       Presentation Fees  

Live Presentations:

Lisa bases her fees on the amount of time presenting, distance traveled (from Seattle, WA), and whom she is presenting for (non-profits get a discount).  

Presentations Requiring Travel: Speaker fees involving travel start at $1,695 depending on distance traveled and how long it takes to get there. Travel expenses include coach airfare, hotel, taxi/shuttle/rental car for transportation at destination, airport parking in Seattle $30/day, and a $75/day food allowance.

Local Presentations (Seattle area): One or two sessions: $395 for up to 90 minutes of presentation time; $495 for up to 3 hours of presentation time plus travel stipend if needed. For three or more sessions, the speaker fee is $375/ per session. A full day (6-8 hours) class is $795.

Plan Ahead! Lisa's presentation schedule books up quickly. Please contact her as far in advance as you can. Thanks. 

Teleconference Presentations:

Speaker fees are $395 for one class (up to 2 hours of presentation including Q&A time) or $325 per class for three or more sessions. Sessions can be done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.    

             Contact Lisa at (425) 298-7197 or click here to send an email.

                  Presentations by Lisa C. Greene, MA CFLE 

As a parent, author, parent educator and Love and Logic facilitator, Lisa brings fresh insight and personal experience to her classes and presentations. Her classes are fun and life-changing as parents and caregivers enjoy the opportunity to learn new parenting skills and connect with each other.

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