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Comments About Lisa's Presentations     

As a Love and Logic author, Lisa Greene presents to parent groups, hospitals, schools, medical and mental health professionals, churches and non-profit organizations around the world.  

Here are some of the comments about Lisa's presentations:   

I was at the CF Family Day last week at Christiana Hospital and just wanted to say thank you for coming. Your material was AMAZING. I'm a social worker with the adult CF clinic at Christiana. I also have three children 10 and under. Your parenting tips were awesome. I'm a convert. I had already been doing a lot of that type of thing but the way you presented it just made it crystal clear. Although I do work with adults, some of our adults have children with CF so I know this material will be helpful to pass on to them. And just learning from you I feel like I'm a better parent. Thank you so much. You are doing something amazing.   - Lauren Gillespie, Adult CF Clinic, Christiana Care Health System, Newark, DE

Thank you so much for your presentation at HNC's 2012 Family Retreat.  As you made your excellent presentation on communicating with children, the very issues you were discussing were being played out in the audience in front of you. Talk about timely and pertinent!  Wow! You came a long way to speak to us and you did a great job. I hope we may have you back for a future Family Retreat. The parenting issues you handled so skillfully will not go away!-Tom Bennett, Executive Director, Hemophilia of N Carolina

Wonderful class! Lisa is a great facilitator- enthusiatic, engaging, interesting. The class was fun and we gained alot of insight into new skills we can use with our kids. - T. & R.

I love this (class)! The instructor is very knowlegable and has a great sense of humor. - S.

This was really inspiring! Lisa, you did a great job of delivering the message and material. I'm so excited to learn more! - K.R.

Your lecture was great! Full of great parenting tips for my 3 1/2 year-old with CF and my 5 year-old without CF. Thank you!  - L.A.

I wish I had done this seminar 12 years ago! - C. B.

When is the next conference?? - K. H.

This was a great seminar. Foster (Cline) and Lisa are so warm and knowlegable. - L. D.

Thank you for your quality education and presentation. It's been very helpful. - D and S

Thank you Lisa. You do a great job and give so much of yourself. - M. O.

Thanks for presenting the series. You were a blessing to all who came. I will recommend you highly… -L.S. 

Outstanding presentation! I wish you and Love and Logic came to Sacramento more often! -K. 

You're a fantastic speaker and very inspiring! - K.H. 

Having to follow a medical regimen which is so demanding and harsh sometimes feels like child abuse. One time, I left the window open and the kids were yelling "I don’t want to do it, leave me alone" and my neighbors called the police! The patrol car pulled up outside my house with lights flashing. Two armed police officers came to the door. They asked to see what was going on so I brought them in and showed them all the medical paraphernalia. I explained that the kids did not want to do it. My wife and I were totally mortified. Fortunately, we don't live in that neighborhood anymore. The "sharing control" and "enforceable statements" concepts are very empowering. It is 100% on target. Thank you very much for this class.   - Pat Conway, parent of children with cystic fibrosis 

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Presentations by Lisa C. Greene, MA CFLE 

As a parent, author, parent educator and Love and Logic facilitator, Lisa brings fresh insight and personal experience to her classes and presentations. Her classes are fun and life-changing as parents and caregivers enjoy the opportunity to learn new parenting skills and connect with each other. 

 Contact Lisa at (425) 298-7197 or click here to send an email.